NVIDIA Amps Up Quadro M6000 With Massive 24GB Memory Buffer For Heavy Workloads

There's really no such thing as a 'one-size-fits-all' solution when it comes to computing, and that's especially true for professionals who need varying degrees of graphics performance. For that reason, NVIDIA is now offering a version of its Quadro M6000 graphics card with 24GB of GDDR5 memory, twice as much memory as much as the original model.

What does doubling the memory on NVIDIA's flagship workstation graphics card accomplish? Plain and simple, it makes working with the most demanding rendering and simulation intense workloads easier and faster. According to NVIDIA, customers rendering datasets larger than 12GB can experience up to 5X faster performance compared to the previous Quadro M6000.
NVIDIA Quadro M6000 24GB
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It's a bold claim, though it might also be a bit conservative.

"At Sony Pictures Imageworks we regularly push the limits of our ability to display and interact with very complex scenes. The Quadro M6000 24GB gives us a 10X performance boost with the throughput necessary to display these types of large scenes smoothly and interactively," said Erik Straus, Executive Director of Software Development for Sony Pictures Imageworks.

Sony isn't the only third party gushing about NVIDIA's new flagship professional graphics card. Paradigm, a company that provides exploration and production software solutions for the oil and gas industry, notes that the additional memory allows its customers to visualize more data in real time while gaining a speed boost in processing seismic volumes and giga-cell reservoir models.

NVIDIA Quadro M6000 24GB Side

Like the 12GB version, the new 24GB Quadro M6000 is based on NVIDIA's Maxwell architecture. It has 3,072 CUDA cores, a 384-bit memory bus, four DisplayPort 1.2 connectors, a single DVI-I connectors, and a maximum power consumption rating of 250W.

In addition to the doubling the memory buffer, NVIDIA added a few other features, including more GPU clock options, greater software temperature control to keep the GPU temp below the point where throttling occurs, and a new under-power boot message if the card is ever under powered.

The Quadro M6000 with 24GB is available today for around $5,000 street.