NVIDIA Planning AGP DX10 8600s?

According to this story on the Inquirer, NVIDIA is planning the release of a DX10 compliant, AGP variant of the yet-to-be-released GeForce 8600. If the article is true, NVIDIA is expected to release the card in the April timeframe.

"The G84 is set to replace Geforce 7600 GS cards and these cards sell for around ¬100, which is not bad deal for an AGP card. The AGP version is possible due to the fact that G84 chips are pin-to-pin compatible with Geforce 6600 and 7600, so there were no modifications required in order that AGP market gets its DirectX 10 card."

If you haven't upgraded your motherboard in the last couple of years, and aren't planning on doing so anytime soon, you may have a new graphics card to choose from.

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