NVIDIA PhysX Coming To Some Hot New Games

Ever since NVIDIA acquired Ageia's PhysX technology last year, the company has been aggressively working to drum up additional developer support. While NVIDIA has had a lot of success in recent months and a number of high-profile developers have begun integrating PhysX technology into their games, today NVIDIA--in conjunction with a number of partners--is announcing that support for PhysX is coming to a number of hot, upcoming games. The announcements come by way of GRiN, Sega, 8monkey Labs, Capcom and Biart Studio...

The Future Of Mankind Depends On NVIDIA PhysX Technology
Terminator Salvation Video Game to Feature Highly Interactive Environments Courtesy of NVIDIA PhysX Technology 

SANTA CLARA, CA — APRIL 28, 2009 — Without NVIDIA PhysX technology, John Connor and the rest of mankind battling the metallic armies of Skynet doesn’t stand a chance. Luckily for all of us, GRIN—the Sweden-based developers of the upcoming video game Terminator Salvation—chose NVIDIA PhysX technology to help them deliver a compelling, interactive, action-packed, third-person shooter video game that will be released in conjunction with the highly-anticipated Halcyon film, which opens nationwide in the U.S. on May 21, 2009. Read More...

Sega Licenses NVIDIA PhysX And Apex Technologies For Global Studios

SANTA CLARA, CA—APRIL 28, 2009—NVIDIA Corporation today announced that Sega Corporation has licensed both NVIDIA PhysX and APEX technologies to serve as the development platform for all Sega studios. NVIDIA PhysX and APEX technologies form the world’s most pervasive development platform for physics acceleration in interactive entertainment, and make authoring high definition, scalable PhysX content intuitive and artist-friendly.

“Sega has been using PhysX technology for several years, but this new agreement enables our studios to take advantage of the full portfolio of cross-platform PhysX engines,” said Takashi Shoji, Department Manager, Consumer Software R & D Support Dept., Consumer R&D Division, SEGA Corporation. “APEX was an important factor in our decision because it enables us to create high quality physics content in an easier and more productive manner.” Read More...

NVIDIA PhysX Technology Brightens Darkest Of Days 
Gamers Can Go Back in Time to Fight Their Way Through History’s Most Epic Battles

SANTA CLARA, CA—APRIL 28, 2009—Darkest of Days is a historically-based first-person shooter (FPS) where gamers will travel back and forth in time to experience some of history’s “darkest days” and fight through some of the most epic battles in history. To ensure the battles are as realistic as possible, developer 8monkey Labs turned to NVIDIA PhysX technology in order to create environments that were interactive, expressive, and as natural as possible.
“It was critical to the success of Darkest of Days that these epic moments in world history are experienced in eerily accurate detail, and NVIDIA PhysX technology helped us achieve that goal,” said Mark Doeden, Art Director at 8monkey Labs. “Our Marmoset Engine brings these battles to life with a completely unique look, and the PhysX technology was instrumental in making the game feel alive and real.”  Read More...

Underwater Hunters in U-Wars Take Aim at NVIDIA PhysX Technology
What: NVIDIA today announced that Biart Studio, a leading computer game development company based in the Russia “Silicon Valley”, has adopted NVIDIA PhysX technology for its upcoming game, U-Wars.

U-Wars is a sci-fi tactical shooter for the PC and Xbox360 with the action taking place in the near future. The local conflicts are growing into larger ones, spreading the terrorist threat and tensions around the globe. NATO countries are combining efforts to destroy the most dangerous and powerful of terrorist organization, known as the Golden Hawk. Formed in the end of 20th century, Golden Hawk possesses huge resources that are coming out of drug distribution, slaves and weapon smuggling. Read More...

NVIDIA PhysX Technology Makes The Thrilling SCI-FI World Of Dark Void Come Alive
Upcoming Action Adventure to Combine Stunning Physics Effects with Unique On-Foot and Mid-Air Game Combat System 

SANTA CLARA, CA—APRIL 28, 2009—Capcom Entertainment, Inc., the publisher of Dark Void, an upcoming science fiction action adventure that combines aerial and ground-pounding combat for a thrilling third-person shooter experience, are reaching for the skies in the way they have adopted NVIDIA PhysX and APEX technologies to deliver stunning in-game physics effects. In fact, when it ships in the fall of 2009, Dark Void will have the distinction of being the first game to use dynamic, accurate smoke effects and smoke trails for the game’s innovative jetpack, UFOs, and spaceships, all of which will be hardware-accelerated by GeForce GPUs when played on compatible desktop PCs. Read More... 

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