NVIDIA Moves One Step Closer To Its Own CPUs?

The Inquirer has a story posted today that hints at the prospect of NVIDIA designing its own processors.

"Acceleware is heavily involved in high-performance computing tasks acceleration using Nvidia GPUs, mainly for the electromagnetic (cellphone, microwave, IC), seismic (oil exploration - remember the company's location!), biomedical, industrial and military markets. They argue that, for many of these apps, the acceleration possible on specific tasks can reach between 10x and 40x - and that was on accelerator cards similar to the old 7900GTX. The new G80 generation should provide further boost."

Considering what's been going on in the industry with the AMD/ATI merger and Intel's plans to develop GPUs, one can see why NVIDIA would want to have a CPU in their arsenal. AMD's got an all AMD platform (CPU, Chipset, Graphics), as does Intel.  The only thing missing from an all-NVIDIA platform is the CPU. 

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