NVIDIA MCP61S Integrated Graphics On It's Way

The MCP61S is an all-in-one integrated graphics processor (IGP) from NVIDIA that is designed for AMD's AM2 platform. It will combine the capabilities of a traditional northbridge and southbridge into a single chip along with a DirectX 9.0c compliant graphics solution. It will replace the GeForce 6100 IGP and will be built on NVIDIA's 90nm process. Digitimes is reporting that motherboards using the MCP61S will be available at the end of August.

"The new IGP chipset could help motherboard manufacturers reduce design and production costs, as the unit price of MCP61S-based motherboards could be lowered to less than US$80, the makers estimate."

The single chip design of the MCP61S will cost less to produce and be more energy efficient than traditional two chip designs. A notebook version of the MCP61S IGP is also in the works that will take advantage of its low power characteristics.