NVIDIA Lightning Kicks GeForce Game Ready 361.91 WHQL Drivers For Street Fighter V

Capcom's hugely anticipated follow-up to Street Fighter IV has arrived today, coming to us in the form of an aptly-named Street Fighter V. Interestingly, this major iteration in the iconic fighting series isn't available to Xbox gamers, but is for those rocking a PlayStation 4 or gaming PC. On the topic of the latter, NVIDIA has chimed in to tell us that the PC version is the best version.

GeForce Experience Street Fighter V

With the brand-new GeForce 361.91 WHQL driver, NVIDIA yet again delivers an on-time "Game Ready" driver for a new major release. Despite NVIDIA's support of the game, this driver doesn't tie into NVIDIA-specific features that the game might have. There's no PhysX, no HBAO+, and none of the fancy GameWorks effects that have made it into other games. There is the option to use NVIDIA's Multi-Frame Sampled Anti-Aliasing, however.

According to NVIDIA, Capcom recommends having at least a GeForce GTX 960 for use with the game. That will ensure 1080p gameplay at 60 frames-per-second. If you happen to have a beefier GPU than that, you could choose the Dynamic Super Resolution option, which runs the game at a higher-than-native resolution and shrinks it down - all in the pursuit of crispness.

So far, SF V has been earning itself some decent ratings, despite the fact that the game is lacking a proper cinematic story mode - a fact that has annoyed a good part of the SF fanbase. The developers promise that such a mode will be delivered in June, though as a free update. This is also said to be the first SF title that won't follow-up with a ton of iterations, so it could be that Street Fighter VI will reach us much quicker than any other major iteration of the series.