NVIDIA Just Supercharged RTX Remix With DLSS 3.5 Ray Reconstruction

NVIDIA has been a juggernaut in the AI space, taking virtually all mindshare from enthusiasts and the media alike. One recurring theme that NVIDIA is adamant about is how it has not forgotten its gaming roots. AI components of NVIDIA such as DLSS 3 with frame generation have been very important in the lead generated by its GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs.

NVIDIA's DLSS 3.5 with ray reconstruction has been an impressive technology that appeared in games such as Cyberpunk 2077.  NVIDIA's RTX Remix, which brings ray tracing to older titles, is now also adorned with DLSS 3.5 with ray reconstruction. This means that titles produced during a graphically more limited era can enjoy some of the same perks and eye candy of modern titles, prolonging their relevance. 

DLSS 3.5 with ray reconstruction will take lower resolution images, and use motion data to reconstruct these images to a much higher quality. This magic allows performance to remain stable while giving the benefit of higher quality visuals. 

Portal RTX was one such example of an older title that benefitted greatly from ray tracing, showcasing a stunning visual landscape that breathed new life into the title. 

Ray tracing is notorious for having a significant impact on the hardware and performance metrics of a game. This can be true even when using the mighty GeForce RTX 4090 at higher resolutions with max settings utilizing ray or path tracing. That is where the DLSS 3.5 technology comes into play, with frame generation. It greatly mitigates the performance hit by utilizing AI to keep the frame rates smooth and high. 

Having ray reconstruction embedded within DLSS 3.5 allows an automatic layer of polish that is a huge help to older games. First, developers and creators will have less manual work needed, freeing up time for other tasks. DLSS 3.5 will take care of use cases such as denoising and speed up the process of modding older titles. 

NVIDIA is also including new toolkits and runtime enhancements to help with the image quality of various modded titles, for both speed of execution and quality. 

NVIDIA's RTX Remix coupled with DLSS 3.5 with ray reconstruction is a significant step in upping older visuals to a new level while keeping performance in check. This means that old games can now have the same sparkle and stunning lighting effects never before imagined, with these NVIDIA tools to turbo charge the development.