NVIDIA Is Bringing RTX Ray Tracing To More Classic Games You Know And Love

nvidia ray trace
NVIDIA has a game studio with the sole task of bringing ray tracing effects to old titles to spruce up their looks. Confirmation of plans to ray trace additional classic game comes from a job listing that the company posted looking for someone to join its NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios team. As for what the name of the game the person who lands the job in the listing will be working on, NVIDIA is mum.

All the listing says of the game is that it is a title "you know and love, but we can't talk about it here." NVIDIA has shown off Quake II RTX, but the job listing was posted after that game launched, so the listing isn't for someone to work on that game. Scuttlebutt suggests that the game NVIDIA is working on could be Unreal or Doom 3.

minecraft rt

Both of those games would look good with ray tracing effects thrown in. Doom 3 already has stencil shadows and fully dynamic lighting, meaning it would look killer with the graphics capabilities of the GeForce RTX family. After all, look at what NVIDIA has already shown off what it comes to what the rather mundane Minecraft looks like with ray tracing enabled.

With that being said, NVIDIA isn't looking for a new developer; it wants someone with more than seven years of experience, or with a "degree from a leading university relevant to computer science / game development." The person would need multiple released games in their portfolio and a "working knowledge of Agile principals, values, and methods." There is no indication when more details on the game might surface.