NVIDIA Invites The World To Help It Celebrate PC Gaming On September 18th

NVIDIA's holding a big event on September 18th to help celebrate PC gaming - and you're invited. Thanks to the little thing we have called "The Internet", even if you're not able to attend an event in person, you'll be able to hop online and watch the stream, as well as take part in the live chat. And yes - there's a chance at some prizes, and yes - it's no surprise that this event will be taking place around the exact same time (or day, if I had to guess) that the launch of NVIDIA's next-gen GeForce series will be announced.

To attend a "GAME24" event either online or in person, you can head on over to the official landing page to register. US-based locations include Los Angeles, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Mission Viejo, while worldwide locations include Shanghai, Stockholm, and London.

NVIDIA's GAME24 event is going to last a straight 24 hours, and will begin at 6:00PM PST on the 18th. For anyone on the east coast and further, that's going to be quite a late start, and not to mention a late finish. But, the turn-out looks to be potentially amazing, and with the chance at some prizes (which I'd have to assume would involve the latest GeForce cards), it'll be worth checking out.