NVIDIA GPUs Help Identify The Perfect Cold One, Catch That Beer Buzz With Precision

If there's one thing I love, it's beer and graphics. Alright - that might be two things, but when I have beer on the mind, it tends to override other less important brain processes. I imagine it's quite hard, too, for Jason Cohen, CEO of Analytical Flavor Systems. He has to do his job without overdoing the ice cold brews. But, his resistance is for the greater good.

Jason grew up wanting to make things taste better, and while his first big venture involved tea, he ended up making the reasonable transition to beer. With an app, he polls groups of people he graciously hands out beer to for their opinions, which includes needing to come up with various individual tastes - even things like "musk", "barnyard", and "truffle."

Beer GPU

It's clear that some beer is going to taste better than others, and that's what Jason wants to help breweries figure out. If one beer has a certain number of characteristics, as defined by these lucky guinea pigs, then it could point to a problem that a brewer needs to sort out. One example given is a beer that might have too much cis-3-hexenol, which obviously would make the beer taste a little grassy.

This kind of analysis is important, especially for smaller brewers who are trying to keep afloat. It's noted that it could even prove important for brewers of mainstream beer to keep up on their batches, although I'd wager most people wouldn't notice the difference anyway.

In order to make the analysis as accurate as possible, it was imperative for Jason to tap into the parallelization of GPUs. That doesn't mean he has to break the bank to do it, either, as services like Amazon let anyone rent server space for any length of time to get their testing done.

That's all very cool, but perhaps cooler is simply being able to spend so much time with beer! Thank you for fighting the good fight, Jason.