NVIDIA To Bring GeForce NOW To SHIELD TV For Big Screen PC Game Streaming Fun

We all know the NVIDIA SHIELD TV to be one of the best 4K media streamers on the market. With the power of the Android TV platform, the SHIELD TV gives you access to Android apps, popular streaming services (like Netflix and Amazon Video), and even allows you to play games with a dedicated wireless controller. However, the SHIELD TV's gaming prowess is about to get a lot better thanks to the addition of GeForce NOW support.

Shield TV 4K HDR 3

NVIDIA announced today that GeForce NOW will be coming to the SHIELD TV "in the very near future". GeForce NOW is already available in beta for PC and Mac platform, and allows you to stream AAA game titles to your system (even if it isn't spec'd out with high-end hardware). All of the heavy lifting takes place on NVIDIA's servers, which means that you will need a fast and stable internet connection to ensure smooth gameplay.

By extending GeForce NOW to the SHIELD TV, you won't even need to be in possession of a PC in order to play some of the most demanding games. A full list of compatible games available for GeForce NOW (there are 225 in total) can be found here.


"No matter where you are, you’ll always be close to the action. A single GeForce NOW account gives you access to cloud gaming on your PC, Mac and now SHIELD," writes NVIDIA. "With cloud saves, you can start playing at home in your living room on SHIELD, and continue playing in the office on your corporate-issued laptop or when you’re traveling with your MacBook."

GeForce NOW is currently available as a free beta and you can sign up right here. However, due to high demand, you will have to put your name on the waitlist in order to get in on the action.