NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 Now Available from Custom Builders

If you haven’t yet read our coverage of NVIDIA’s insane GeForce GTX 690 graphics card, go do it now. Seriously. The thing is a monster, essentially a pair of SLI’d 680s in one package. It has 3,072 CUDA cores, 915MHz/1019MHz base/boost clock, 6008MHz memory clock, 4GB total GDDR5, and a smokin’ hot aluminum and magnesium body.

And now, you can configure a number of custom PCs with the GTX 690, as Origin PC, CyberpowerPC, and MAINGEAR have all let us know that the card is available on some of their systems.

CybwerPowerPC offers the GTX 690 in its Fang III, Zeus, Gamer Xtreme, and Gamer Ultra series’, with prices starting as low as $1,799. On the highest end, the Zeus Thunder Max will start at $3,999.

Dual-GTX 690s

MAINGEAR was less specific about which systems have the GTX 690 options, but it will at least be available on most SHIFT and F131 systems. Prices start as low as $1,399 for an Intel Z77-based F131 and as high as $3,449 for an X79-based SHIFT rig.

Origin PC offers some type of GTX 690 configuration on its entire line of GENESIS, MILLENIUM, and CHRONOS gaming and pro desktops. A low-end CHRONOS starts at $877, and a high-end GENESIS starts at $3,999, and there are a number of systems at price points in between.

Of course, none of the above systems have the GTX 690 as a default options, so count on adding about a thousand bucks to any configuration. Hey, what can you do--all that graphics firepower doesn’t come free.