NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti And Club GeForce Elite Program Confirmed In LinkedIn Posting

NVIDIA could sit on its laurels and do absolutely nothing but kick out driver releases for the next several months and it probably would still hold a dominate position in graphics. That is how good its Pascal architecture is, and the available graphics card options built around it. But NVIDIA is not standing still, it is moving forward and is close to releasing arguably the most exciting Pascal card to date, the much anticipated GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

No, NVIDIA has not yet announced the Ti version just yet, at least not officially and not to the public. In a way, however, it confirmed the inevitable release of a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti by mentioning it in a recent job posting on LinkedIn, the popular social network for professionals. NVIDIA is in search of a Senior Marketing Manager to help with the launch of the Ti card along with a new Club GeForce Elite program.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
NVIDIA is getting close to launching a Ti version of its mighty GeForce GTX 1080 powered by Pascal

The job listing also reaffirms NVIDIA's commitment to PC gaming and its desire to lead the industry, as if either of those were ever in doubt.

"As a Senior Marketing Manager, you will be a key member of NVIDIA Global Consumer Marketing team, working cross-functionally to build & market a GeForce rewards program, delighting millions of gamers who are part of our GeForce Experience community while earning an enduring loyalty to our platform," the job listing states.

"You will champion the voice of our player community and leverage NVIDIA’s position as a leader in PC Gaming to work with partners to identify & secure exciting rewards that provides compelling entertainment value to one of the industry’s largest (and fastest-growing) community of PC gamers. You will partner with some of the industry’s best talent to launch a gamer loyalty program that helps firmly establish GeForce as the best platform for PC gaming," the job listing continues.

The listing outlines several tasks that the job candidate will either take charge of or participate in promoting. One of them is ensuring that GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics card owners "get first spot in line for 1080 Ti pre-orders, or 'Step Up' offer. There is no mention of a launch date, but we suspect NVIDiA will make an announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month, and it appears by the job listing that a pre-order program will follow.

GeForce Experience

NVIDIA goes on to mention a user loyalty program called "Club GeForce," which is in reference to the awards and giveaways that GeForce Experience users benefit from. It appears as though NVIDIA wants to eventually expand the program with a $10 per month subscription tier called Club GeForce Elite. Benefits of being a member would include;
  • Rotating bundle of free games from our GFE app store (four games per quarter)
  • Free GeForce PC in the cloud subscription
  • Exclusive skins, in-game items, and GeForce Gear
Bear in mind that a GeForce Experience app store does not yet exist, and neither does a GeForce PC in the cloud option for consumers, not unless NVIDIA is referencing its GeForce Now service. Either way, NVIDIA has some ambitious PC gaming plans it wants to put in motion.