GeForce 355.80 Hotfix Driver Cures NVIDIA's Windows 10 SLI Woes

There have been 75 million Windows 10 installs to date, and though things have mostly gone well, some NVIDIA users are experiencing issues running more than one graphics card. Good news -- NVIDIA this week rolled out a hotfix driver (version 355.80) to address one of the SLI issues that's been plaguing gamers.

Specifically, the hotfix addresses "excessive virtual memory consumption for SLI configurations running Windows 10," according to NVIDIA. The hotfix won't eliminate all the issues users have been seeing in Windows 10 when running an SLI configuration, though it should prevent users from seeing "out of memory" errors in games like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Nvidia GeForce GTX SLI

The response from SLI users who've installed the hotfix has been fairly positive so far.

"Memory leak seems fixed, Performance is great. These drivers seem to reduce CPU bottlenecking (maybe due to WDDM 2.0?)," a user posted to NVIDIA's GeForce forum. "Thank you NVIDIA! Fixed my 980 Ti tri-SLI crashing with Grand Theft Auto V," another user wrote.

NVIDIA releases hotfixes on occasion to address specific issues in between major driver updates. Hotfixes also get incorporated into the next official driver release.

If you're having issues with your SLI configuration in Windows 10 and want to give the hotfix a try, you can download it here.