Nvidia GeForce 285.79 Beta Driver Boosts Performance in Skyrim, Battlefield 3

If you're reading this, it's only because you're stuck at work. Otherwise, you'd be home in your man cave slaying dragons in Skyrim or shooting up your buddies in Battlefield 3. It's a good thing we caught you too, because before you check out for the day and get ready to blow your weekend playing either of the aforementioned games, there's something you should know. If you own an Nvidia graphics card and are willing to roll the dice with beta drivers, you can squeeze out better performance out of either game with the newly released GeForce 285.79 drivers.

These beta drivers are supposed to squash several bugs in Battlefield 3 and make the game run better. The fix applies to both DX10 and DX11 GPUs, so whether you're rocking a newer videocard or a last generation GPU, there's something of interest here for you.

As for Skyrim, Nvidia added new SLI and 3D Vision game profiles. Nvidia did the same for a whole bunch of other titles, but outside of Batman: Arkham City, we can't think of anything else on the list that might suck up your time this weekend.

All that said, keep in mind these are beta drivers, not final releases. That means they could be buggy, so in exchange for better performance and bug fixes, you're also a guinea pig of sorts. In other words, install at your own risk. Oh, and happy gaming! Now if you'll excuse us, Skyrim is calling.