NVIDIA G80 Delayed (slightly)?

The Inquirer reports that sources are indicating NVIDIA's next generation G80 GPU which was slated for a late September or early October release will now be pushed back to a November launch. Apparently, the company opted for a minor re-spin of the silicon at the fab which has resulted in the slight delay to market for the new GPU. Little is known at this time about G80, though sources seem to agree that both G80 and R600 will require an external power supply. Perhaps the re-spin of the GPU is related to this extreme power requirement though we won't know for certain until NVIDIA shares more details.

So, it is going to be late, that is not the ugly bit, board partners are telling us that it very well might have an external PSU to power the beast. We told you it was going to be hot, but not as hot as an R600. Either way, this does not bode well for either card. Think of a monster with a brick to keep it from running away. The chip itself is another story, and from the initial info we have, it is going to be a weird beastie. So weird in fact that it deserves a bit of digging before we say for sure. California wakes up in 3 hours, time to warm up the phones.


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