NVIDIA G71 Confirmed for CeBIT

X-bit Labs reports that NVIDIA has confirmed that their next flagship GPU (G71) will be launched at CeBIT. This post is fueled by a report from DigiTimes where NVIDIA's own Paul Sun confirms the official launch date. Some industry players were a bit skeptical of a new GPU launch so soon after the GeForce 7800 GTX 512MB. However, as we witnessed with the extremely short lifespan of ATI's R520 GPU, vendors will do whatever they can to capture the performance crown.

The fresh code-named G71 graphics processor and what is claimed to be the GeForce 7900-series product lineup are expected to be officially announced during CeBIT show that is held in Hannover, Germany from March 9th to March 15th, according to information published earlier. The high-end GeForce 7900 GTX is projected to feature 32 pixel processors, operate in the range of 700MHz - 750MHz and come equipped with 1600MHz - 1800MHz GDDR3 memory.
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