NVIDIA Confirms GeForce 8 Series For Laptops

An article at X-Bit Labs has unveiled NVIDIA's confirmation for the production of the GeForce 8 series for notebooks. While not currently available, it is speculated the launch of the notebook GeForce 8 series will coincide with the release of Intel's Santa-Rosa notebook platform in Q2 of 2007.

The head of Nvidia also confirmed that the company has plans to release a family of GPUs for notebooks based on the GeForce 8 architecture in time for Intel's code-named Santa Rosa platform launch, which is likely to be late Q1 or early Q2 2007, which means that commercial shipments of lower-power GeForce 8 are just around the corner. "We are ramping production on our GeForce 8 family of notebook GPUs, the industry's first DX10 and high-definition video GPU for notebooks. GeForce 8 will be the only DX10 GPU shipping in the upcoming Santa Rosa notebook launch," Mr. Huang said.