NVIDIA Claims G92 Will Be a 1 Teraflop Beast

According to a story posted at the Inquirer, NVIDIA's next-gen high-end GPU is codenamed G92 and it will offer up to a teraflop of compute performance.  If you remember from our 2900 XT launch article, the R600 can deliever 475GFlops, which would make the G92 over twice as powerful.
"In an analyst webcast, Nvidian Michael Hara says that the chip will be ready for Christmas, a release cycle the company adopted with G80, where high-end products come out for Chrimbo and the mid-range and low-end products hit in the spring.

This suggests a couple of things. One, that the delays we saw to the release of Nvidia hardware through 2006 and 2007 have now been factored into the schedule, to a point where we're going to see yearly updates of the high-end part every Q4. This is pretty nifty. Second, Nvidia doesn't see the benefit in releasing all three ranges of cards together, preferring to let the 'halo' effect of the high-end card provide a few months of advanced marketing for the mid-range parts."

As an enthusiast you can't help but be excited by this kind of news, but I shudder to think at the power this thing is going to consume. At the current pace of GPU / CPU advancement, it's possible we're all going to have to use dual power supplies, plugged into two separate house circuits to power our rigs. Remember, most standard home electrical outlet can supply only 15amps of current.
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