NVIDIA CEO Testimony on 3dfx

NVIDIA's Chief Executive Jen-Hsun Huang has been in federal bankruptcy court for the last few days defending his company's move to buy one-time rival 3dfx. During his testimony, Jen-Hsun has made some interesting statements regarding his motivation for the acquisition, including his thoughts on 3dfx's engineers.

"He said he'd been very interested in snaffling up the engineering expertise. "That was my primary interest all along," he confessed. To this end he said he decided to ensure 3Dfx paid off its creditors so that those involved in the graphics chip maker could, "wind down their company in a graceful way." He hoped such goodwill would help persuade the engineers he had his eye on that Nvidia was a nice place to work. "We came across as a company that was not taking advantage of them," he said. "All of that contributed to our ability to recruit engineers." In the end Nvidia hired some 100 of the 120 engineers at 3Dfx."

More of Jen-Hsun's testimony is available at the Inq.

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