NVIDIA Brings Dual GPU NVS 810 Graphics Card With 8 Mini DisplayPorts To Digital Signage Market

When it comes to new graphics cards, we're used to talking about things like frame rates and gaming performance at different resolutions. You might think a new dual GPU offering from NVIDIA would elicit similar commentary, but that isn't the case with the NVS 810, a Maxwell-based graphics card with an impressive feature-set for a totally different market.

NVIDIA's taking aim at the digital signage market, and while that might sound like a snoozer on the surface, there's some impressive technology here. This thing is rocking two GM107 GPUs, each with 512 CUDA cores and 2GB of RAM (for a total of 4GB). But one of the biggest selling points is that it has eight mini DisplayPort 1.2 connectors, each one capable of driving 4K content at 30Hz. And in an industry first, NVIDIA says the card can drive separate 4K displays in synchronized fashion. All this in a single slot offering.


"Driven by the world’s most advanced GPU architecture, NVIDIA Maxwell, the NVS 810 is a workhorse for the digital signage industry. It powers massive display walls with extreme screen resolution, enabling a more immersive visual experience," NVIDIA says.


One of the pitches NVIDIA makes is the comparatively low cost of implementing multiple NVS 810 graphics cards to drive massive digital signage applications. It supports NVIDIA's Mosaic multi-display technology, which can drive massive video walls by combining multiple outputs into a single, "extreme resolution" image. And with a feature called Bezel Correction, the resulting single image will correct for bezels when extending a single image across multiple displays.

NVIDIA didn't mention pricing for the NVS 810, but said it will be available later this month in the U.S. and Europe, followed by other markets in the coming months.