NVIDIA-Backed Astrocade Raises $12M For A Promising AI Game Creation Platform

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Astrocade AI has raised $12 million in funding from several companies, including NVIDIA, according to a report in VentureBeat. The company describes itself as a “platform that makes the creation of games and interactive experiences easy enough for a world of creators to share their ideas in minutes.”

The company says that creators will be able to bring their visions to life by using text prompts, which its generative AI, dubbed Artificial Gaming Intelligence, will then turn into something playable. Users will easily be able to share these experiences with others on the platform, with the ability to modify a game even while it’s being played. Over time features such as lobbies, chat and safety settings will be added to enhance the platform.

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The main goal is to open the doors of game creation to everyone, even those without technical skills typically required for making a game. CEO of Astrocade AI, Amir Sadeghian, says that “we want to empower everyone to create their own games and interactive experiences, from unusual and unique worlds made of marshmallows or other fantastical ideas.”

Astrocade is still very early in development, currently being tested by users in a small selection of countries in a closed alpha. Feedback from this group of users will be crucial to informing what changes need to be made before it’s opened up to a wider set of users. However, the company says that the core technology powering the platform, Artificial Gaming Intelligence, is on solid footing.

Anyone interested in making use of Astrocade can now submit their email to join the waitlist, although it might be a while considering it’s still in a closed alpha.