NVIDIA Announces Major 64-Bit ARM HPC Server Platform Push With Tesla GPUs

Like any smart company, NVIDIA is always looking for new markets and segments to dig into, and the company is doing just that with a push into high-performance computing (HPC). NVIDIA announced that its Tesla GPUs are being used to bring ARM64-based servers to a new level of performance.


There are several vendors using the Tesla GPU accelerators in their ARM64 servers, including Cirrascale, E4 Computer Engineering, and Eurotech. “Featuring Applied Micro X-GeneARM64 CPUs and NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU accelerators, the new ARM64 servers will provide customers with an expanded range of efficient, high-performance computing options to drive compute-intensive HPC and enterprise data center workloads,” reads an NVIDIA post.

The systems will also give users access to the many CUDA and HPC applications. The GPU-accelerated development platforms will first be available next month, and more are coming throughout the year.