NVIDIA's DeepMap Acquisition Is A Serious Power Play For Autonomous Vehicle Dominance

nvidia acquiring deepmap autonomous vehicle mapping company
Autonomous vehicles (AVs) may be the future of transportation, and NVIDIA may corner the market with advanced hardware and software solutions. In April, the company demoed NVIDIA DRIVE Sim using Omniverse technology to train self-driving vehicles in a “virtual proving ground,” which looked quite real. 

In a blog post, NVIDIA announced the purchase of DeepMap, a company “dedicated to building high-definition maps for autonomous vehicles to navigate the world safely.” Subject to regulatory approval, the deal is expected to close in Q3 of 2021 for an undisclosed sum of money. What this means for NVIDIA is another notch in the company’s AV belt, with some interesting developments likely to come.

deepmap nvidia acquiring deepmap autonomous vehicle mapping company

James Wu, co-founder and CEO of DeepMap, explained that “joining forces with NVIDIA will allow our technology to scale more quickly and benefit more people sooner.” Ali Kani, VP and general manager of Automotive at NVIDIA, echoed that sentiment, further stating that “DeepMap is expected to extend our mapping products, help us scale worldwide map operations and expand our full self-driving expertise.”

Moreover, NVIDIA will now be able to implement DeepMap’s technology into the NVIDIA DRIVE program, “ensuring autonomous vehicles always know precisely where they are and where they’re going.” While this may not seem like a huge deal, adding DeepMap to NVIDIA’s repertoire makes them posed for an exciting future of autonomous vehicles. In any case, let us know what you think of this acquisition and NVIDIA's big plays in the AV industry in the comments below.