NVIDIA 6200, Altec Lansing MX-5021 and ECS 915P-A

We've got an interesting line-up for you this AM.  First, an entry level 6200 that should appeal to those on a budget, while Altec Lansing and ECS deliver some treats of their own.  Check it!

Today Beyond3D takes a look at NVIDIA's NV43 based (non-TurboCache) GeForce 6200:

"Although the NV43 chip has 8 internal fragment (Pixel Shader) pipelines, the GeForce 6200 is designed to be an entry level part and as such as a reduced number of pipelines, down to 4. It would seem apparent that the 6200 configuration is primarily based on fall-out parts that don't operate in NV43's full 6600 configuration."

Overclockers Online has posted its review of Altec Lansing MX-5021:

"I've had the pleasure of using many different sound cards and speakers over the years. They keep getting better as time marches on, and Altec Lansing's MX-5021s are a testimate to this evolution of great audio for the PC."

ECS 915P-A Review posts on motherboards.org:

"This board is an interesting mix of old and new technology. In the ever-changing world of computers sometimes one has to take a step back. Video cards like the X800XT AGP are excellent performers whether on AGP or PCI Express. With prices on an X800XT on Price watch over $580 USD, it seems like a waste to need to buy a whole new card just to support the PCI Express Graphics interface. This board is perfect for that type of consumer."