Nvidia 1.0-7667 Linux Driver Performance, Patriot PC2-5600+, and more!

Well folks, as you probably guessed, the news today is pretty much made up of GeForce 7800 GTX reviews. If you direct your eyes to the post below, Jeff has compiled a list of them. Enjoy!

Patriot PC2-5600 XBLK Dual Channel Memory Kit review @ Xtreme Resources

"The move to the DDR2 memory subsystem seems to be picking up momentum lately as there are numerous memory manufactures offering higher speed grade modules compared to several months ago. Intel is the first to utlize DDR2 and AMD continues to stay with DDR and may move up to DDR2 in the future. Today, we will examine and test the PC2-5600 modules from Patriot on the nVidia C19 platform with Patriot's XBLK PC2-5600 1GB dual channel kit and see how it does."

NVIDIA 1.0-7667 Linux Display Driver Performance @ Phoronix

"Today is yet another magical day for NVIDIA as they unleashed their new GeForce 7800 GTX VPU. We will be bringing numerous reviews on the different 7800 GTX cards shortly, but today, we are having a look at NVIDIA's newest Linux driver set: 1.0-7667. These Linux drivers do support the GeForce 7800 GTX and offer several other fixes for Linux users."

Mushkin Redline XP3500 DDR 1GB Memory Dual Pack Review @ EOC!

"Always innovating, Mushkin has added a new Redline Series to their XP (Xtreme Performance) lineup of memory. The Redline modules are rated for PC3500 or PC4000 speeds with 2-2-2 timings. In order to achieve these speeds however, voltages in excess of 3.1V are needed!"