NVIDA Flexes ARM Support in CUDA 5.5 Release Candidate

Bolstered by the recent mad dash by consumers and manufacturers alike towards mobile computing, truly ARM has become too large to ignore. ARM has benefited the most from mobile device sales, proving that it's a capable architecture and a worthy competitor to x86 silicon, so it shouldn't come as a shock that NVIDIA equipped its CUDA 5.5 Release Candidate (RC) with ARM support.

CUDA 5.5 is the first version of the parallel computing platform and programming language to play nice with ARM, meaning it natively supports GPU-accelerated computing on systems built around ARM chips. It will also make it easier and faster for developers to port applications over.


Other than ARM support, CUDA 5.5 brings a handful of other upgrades to the table, including enhanced
  • Hyper-Q support for multiple MPI processors via the new Multi-Process Service (MPS) on Linux systems
  • MPI Workload Prioritization enabled by CUDA stream prioritization
  • Multi-process MPI debugging & profiling
  • Single GPU debugging for Linux
  • Static CUDA runtime library
  • RPM/DEB packaging & new NVIDIA repo

More changes and features can be found in the full release notes.