Now That’s A Lot Of Hardware

Carlos Slim, Mexican billionaire, is planning to donate several hundred thousand laptops to Mexican children and some lucky salesperson at his favorite computer store is about to become employee of the month.
“Mexican telecom billionaire Carlos Slim, one of the richest men in the world, recently announced his plan to offer "hundreds of thousands" of notebooks to children in Mexico.  He is ready to contribute up to $70 million to the program in 2007.

Slim initially promised as many as 250,000 low-cost notebooks this year and the possibility of as many as 1 million notebooks in 2008 -- with an average cost of $250 to $300 each.  Slim expects the cost of the notebooks to lower over time, but did not offer specific estimates."
Initially the notebooks will be given to school and libraries, but Slim has expressed his intent to extend the offer even further.  It’s not presently known who the next recipients would be, but it’s likely to be other institutions that are somehow involved in improving the education of young Mexicans.

Likewise, there aren’t any specifics on what kind of hardware the laptops might have, or why Slim chose laptops over the more cost effective and easily upgraded desktops.