Now THAT Is One Expensive Laptop

In what many are calling an object lesson to computer repair shops that lose customer's PCs, Raelyn Campbell has filed a $54 million dollar law suit over the loss of her $2100 laptop at Best Buy.

On the surface $54 million seems like a lot, but consider what this customer was put through.  First she paid the $300 fee for the extended warranty, then she drops off the laptop to be repaired.  For three months she frequently returned to the store checking on the status of her machine until she was eventually told that her computer was simply missing along with whatever personal data she had on it.  It's certainly easy to see how she'd be upset, but Best Buy obviously thinks that $54 million is a bit too much compensation.

“Best Buy has told Campbell that her demands are unreasonable, and has tried to settle for far less. But Campbell said she didn’t start out making astronomical demands. Months of stalling and brush-offs by the company led her to the drastic measures, she said.

Best Buy spokeswoman Nissa French said the company couldn’t comment on Campbell’s story, citing the ongoing litigation.”

We'd like to know what HH reader's feel about this case.  Feel free to leave comments and let us know who you think is in the wrong and why.
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