Novero Introduces 10" Laptop/Tablet Hybrid Device: Solana

Is it a laptop? A tablet? Both? Neither? According to Novero, the new Solana is a "lightweight, laptop/tablet hybrid," which falls into the growing category of slates that are destined to act more like workhorses than ones that came before. It's a 10" device with a flip-rotating design, and it can even switch between Windows 7 and Windows 8, as well as throw Android in the mix. There's 3G WWAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a built-in video camera, as well as speakers, a six-row keyboard and a multi-touch panel. Inside, there's a dual-core Atom CPU, microSD card slot and a 64GB/128GB SSD. It'll retail around $699, but it's hard to say if a dual-boot, rotating tablet from a company that most folks have never heard of will catch on -- particularly with the next-gen iPad en route.