Nova Mobile Shows SideArm 2 UMPC at CES 2009

Nova Mobile Systems, Inc., a leading mobile computer provider, today announced it will feature a new line of UMPC devices based on the Intel® Atom™ processor at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show, January 7-10 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The SideArm 2 is an Ultra Mobile PC that combines a 7" touch screen and a full qwerty keyboard. Less than 2 pounds, the SideArm 2 is easily carried all day in the field and still has computing power needed to get the job done. The Nova SideArm 2 features a daylight readable touch screen, full keyboard, all day battery life, and a full set of communications capabilities (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, Gobi Broadband and Cellular) -- all as standard features.

Encased in magnesium, sealed and drop tested for rugged use, Nova's compact 7"x 8"x 1" form factor offers the communications and technological tools necessary for business efficiency and mobile multimedia regardless of the environment.

The SideArm 2 product is a result of Nova's careful field studies. "The Intel Atom processor has absolutely delivered the quality and performance our customers are looking for. With the low power usage of the Intel Atom processor, we are able to manage battery life and overall performance better than ever before. Intel's decision to focus on a low power, small form factor with superior performance has allowed us to create smaller, lighter devices that better serve our customers needs," said Nova's CTO, JR Mendoza.

The original SideArm was the world's first rugged UMPC and has been field proven for over 7 years with a wide range of Fortune 500 companies. Nova has created the SideArm 2 in response to what global customers are now demanding from mobile computing - lighter weight, longer battery life, full operating systems along with combined touchscreen and full keyboard inputs. The SideArm 2 is made for users requiring the portability of a UMPC and the capabilities of a notebook computer.

George Ecker, CEO of Nova Mobility Solutions commented, "Our customers want a no compromise, lightweight, sealed, full functioning computer that can stand up to demanding environments and go all day without powering down. We see this as your always on PC with all in one GPS navigation and Cell Phone. With its two modular ports it can be immediately fitted with a combination of Barcode or RFID scanners, Mag Stripe readers, Iris scanners or just about any USB driven peripheral."

"The key for us is to provide a real PC that can be used anywhere and eliminate technical redundancy in user devices. The SideArm 2 has always-on wireless broadband, cellular phone, GPS and navigation capabilities allowing our users to eliminate three of the four most commonly combined devices," Ecker continued. "Further, with USB based integrated expansion modularity the SideArm 2 can be easily customized to meet the needs of all mobile workers in all sectors. The initial customer response has been so strong that we are now creating SideArm 2 models for other types of end users."

"The Intel Atom processor delivers high performance with dramatically lower power usage for the Mobile Internet Device category," said Pankaj Kedia, director of global ecosystem programs in the Ultra Mobility Group at Intel Corporation. "We recognize Nova Mobile's capabilities, welcome their SideArm 2 product(s) as examples in the MID category, and are pleased to see the ecosystem growing to provide mobile users with a range of exciting new designs and usage options."

A groundbreaking experience is in store for the Nova SideArm 2 users. The daylight readable touch screen provides users with enough real estate to edit documents, display and manage forms, engage in multimedia activities and surf the web on-the-go. The no clamshell, sealed, drop tested, magnesium case ensures the device is equally at home in the hands of a Fireman, CEO, or College student.

Nova is slated to release multiple versions of its SideArm 2 product line tailored uniquely to different users ranging from Industrial, Military, Professional Business and Consumer models. These devices will incorporate features specifically of benefit to each target audience. Operating Systems supported are Microsoft Vista, XP and Linux.

                 Nova Mobility Systems SideArm 2: Product Key Benefits:

    Battery Life

  • Seamless computing throughout the day with its 10+ hour battery
  • Run always-on broadband and push email
  • Instant-on capabilityIntel Speed Step tm technology


  • Less than 2 pounds standard
  • 10+ hour battery option available at under 2.5 pounds

    Screen view ability

  • High resolution, daylight readable touch screen


  • Two full backlit keyboard styles
  • Full Touch™ keyboard design is the smallest touch-typable keyboard of any mobile PC
  • One handed input keyboard enables users to hold the device in one hand and type with the other
  • Palm rejection touch screen for an unmatched user input experience

    Embedded communications

  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth are standard. Facilitates GSM Cellular and 3G connectivity through third party service providers
  • Dual Wi-Max / Wi-Fi model available Q2 2009


  • Embedded GPS is standard
  • Supports Vehicle directions and routing applications

    Memory Management

  • More memory options than any other mobile computer
  • DOM (2 Slots), 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB per slot
  • SSD's 32-64GB
  • HDD's 60-120GB
  • Micro SD 2GB, 4GB, 6GB

    Case and Environment

  • Magnesium alloy chassis
  • Solid state drive
  • Sealed all-weather design
  • IP 54 - Rain-, spill-, dust- and vibration-resistant
  • Rotating hand strap
  • Drop tested to 4 feet
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