Not Ready For Prime Time Players?

Way back in early June, HotHardware told you that Mozilla was considering configuring the next iteration of their Firefox web browser to detect malicious code, and to warn users not to open infected websites. The next version of Firefox is indeed being developed to do just that, and may or may not even allow you to override the warning and load the page. 

Security company Sophos reported last month that the number of malicious Web sites has skyrocketed over the past few months, from 5,000 new ones a day in April to nearly 30,000 a day in early July. One reason, according to Sophos researchers, is that hackers are increasingly turning away from e-mail as their preferred method of spreading malware and putting their focus on malicious sites. In some cases, they're creating their own sites, but in most cases they're hacking into legitimate sites and embedding malware into them.

The mock-up of the alert appears as a red-letter warning that doesn't have a click-through option, and the malicious page wouldn't be able to load. It's still a work in progress, and it could change dramatically before Firefox 3.0 ships, Snyder says. Technicians are debating whether there should be an override mechanism that lets users go to malicious pages regardless of the danger.

It's a sound idea, and might help Mozilla to get back some of their slipping momentum in the browser war they've got going with that big, blue company in Redmond, Washington. I have some friendly advice for Mozilla. If you want to be taken seriously, do not have one of your employees identify themselves as Mozilla's "chief security something-or-other" when they are being interviewed in any forum. A web-browser trying to compete with Microsoft is not a LOLcat message board. Grow up. 
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