Norton-Backed Designer Jeans, Blazer Protect Your Identity, Prevent RFID Hacking

As companies such as AppleSamsung, and those associated with the Merchant Customer Exchange push near-field communication (NFC) payments forward, and radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology is used in important documents such as passports, digital pick pocketing is expected to increase as well. However, to help combat digital theft, security software developer Norton partnered with Betabrand to create jeans and a blazer designed to prevent digital pick pocketing.

The articles of clothing features RFID-blocking fabric in two pockets that will prevent criminals from using RFID readers to steal information. This is a situation that security experts say is a growing problem for consumers. So, for those who are worried about being digitally pick pocketed, the jeans will retail for $168 and the blazer will sell for $198.


As RFID technology continues to evolve, so does the means to steal the information from credit cards and passports.

“There is technology readily available for anyone to snatch other people’s credit card data within seconds,” said Disklabs boss Simon Steggles to BBC News. “These apps simply copy the card with all the information on it.”

Aside from Betabrand’s RFID-blocking jeans and blazers, other companies are developing wallets, bags, and smartphone cases as well to combat this growing problem.