NorhTec Gecko Surfboard: The $99 Full-Sized Keyboard With A PC Within

The Eee Keyboard has been on our minds since Asus first announced it months upon months ago. We've heard a few release dates, and we've watched the days go by as delays set in. As of now, the device seems to have slipped from most everyone's mind. We're sure it'll make a revived push for attention when Asus finally does get everything worked out so it can produce it for the masses, but until then, you can expect smaller names to jump at the chance to ride the wave that has already been created for it.

Take NorhTec, for example. These guys have been known for producing lower-end, lower-cost goods that don't do much else other than spruce up an already thriving market, but oftentimes it's companies such as this that end up making out after bigger firms have shelled out millions to make something come together. The Gecko Surfboard is a near-rip of the Asus Eee Keyboard, but there are two main differences. For starters, this device lacks a built-in screen, and secondly, it has a price tag of just $99.

As you'd expect, a full PC lies within the confines of the keyboard case, with a 1GHz CPU powering things and working alongside an SD/SDHC card slot, a 2.5" IDE hard drive, 512MB of RAM, an Ethernet port, Wi-Fi, two USB 2.0 ports, a serial socket, audio in/out jacks and VGA/composite outputs. The board is expected to make a formal debut shortly at CES 2010, with the Linux version to ship early next year for $99 and the Windows XP version for around $150. Anyone planning to snag one just to tinker with a new HTPC setup?