NORAD Tracks Santa App Comes To Windows 8 Devices

Ask any child who celebrates Christmas and he or she will tell you that the big day is just over a week away. They keep track of these things, the way adults keep tabs on their favorite sports team, and understandably so. How cool is it to wake up to a pile of loot that a man in a red suit delivered the night before?

The logistics of Santa's travels on Christmas Eve is mind boggling, but it's also traceable thanks to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). Every year NORAD tracks Santa's travels around the globe, and this year, you and your child can follow along in Windows 8 with NORAD's new app.


"If you have younger children, then you might want to know about the 'NORAD Tracks Santa' app for Windows 8. In the run up to Christmas Eve you can get ready for the tracking, and then on Christmas Eve you can see Santa's progress as he heads towards, and then away from Australia. (And use the 'As soon as Santa gets to NZ, it's bed time' trick)," Microsoft's Ray Fleming stated in a blog post.

The free app includes a countdown clock to Christmas Eve, videos, and links to games and activities on NORAD's website. It also includes information about Santa, along with how and why NORAD tracks the gift giver. It's available to download now and works with both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

As for NORAD, the organization's been doing this sort of thing for almost six decades. It dates back to 1955 when a local Sears store in Colorado printed the wrong phone number for Santa. Instead of dialing in to the store, the misprinted phone number was for NORAD's predecessor, the Continental Air Defense Command. The organization ran with it, relaying radar information about Santa's travels to children.