Nope. Uh Uh. Nah. Not That One. Not That One Either. Ixnay...

What's likely going to be the largest selling console gaming platform in the coming year, and probably the year after that? If you said ____________, you'd be wrong. Because I doubt you said: The Playstation 2.

The PS2's direct rivals, Microsoft's original Xbox and Nintendo's GameCube, are no longer in production. So why is the PS2 doing so well this late in life? For starters, it's cheap. Sony has cut the PS2's price to about $130, down from a high of $300, to entice casual gamers and kids. And with continuing sales and so many PS2 consoles in living rooms worldwide, there's plenty of demand for new titles. "All the media focus is on next-gen consoles and games, but a lot of the software companies will make a substantial portion of their earnings by selling [older] games," says Erik Whiteford, marketing director at California game maker 2K Sports.

Remember people: A ten cent bullet beats a five thousand dollar sword every time. Read about Sony's ten cent bullet here.

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