Nook Color To Get Android App Store & Flash Support

Plenty of users have rooted their Nook Color eReader with custom firmware in order to gain access to the Android Market and download applications. However, the majority of people have stuck with the official firmware that comes with the device. If you're in the latter camp and have longed for the day when you could download apps to your Nook Color, we have some good news for you.

According to the HSN Website, the Nook Color will soon be getting a new app store known as the Nook Store. The HSN site doesn't provide an exact launch date, but it does provide some juicy information about what we can expect sometime in April:

Barnes & Noble seems to be avoiding calling the app store the 'Nook App Store' and probably for good reason if you've paid attention to Apple's recent lawsuit against Amazon for using the term "App Store." There aren't many additional details available about the store, its name, its contents, or when exactly it will be available, so we'll probably have to wait for the update to arrive in April to know more.