Nokia's Lumia 800: Now Available In The US For $700 Unlocked

For whatever reason, Nokia's leaving America in a trail of dust when it comes to Windows Phone 7. The Lumia 800, the company's new flagship handset, is launching overseas first, with America not seeing any of their WP7 phones until 2012. Nokia fans in the USA are understandably bummed about the whole ordeal, but Nokia insists that they're trying to roll this out in a controlled fashion, with each market getting very intentional treatment. This is probably shorthand for saying that Nokia has to work with the carriers in the States to launch their phone, which isn't exactly the case elsewhere.

But if 2012 just feels too far away, there's good news. The Lumia 800, in unlocked off-contract form, can be purchased right now for $699.99. Expansys, a reputable phone reseller, has the handset in stock, and they're shipping to eager Americans who just can't stand the thought of waiting for Valentine's Day of next year to treat themselves. It's a beautiful phone for sure, but that price will probably only lure the most loyal of followers.