Nokia Teases First Official Image of Upcoming Lumia 928 Smartphone

Go ahead and consider the impending launch of Nokia's rumored Lumia 928 device as confirmed. The Finnish phone maker let the cat out of the bag today, if ever so slightly, by posting the first official image of the Lumia 928 on a teaser website named after the device. Beyond the single shot, the site is woefully short on details, but at least now we know for sure the thing exists.

There's no mention of the Lumia 928 in the actual photo, which depicts a handset snapping a photo of a mother and two children playing in the ocean, but it is mentioned in the site's URL ( If that's not a confirmation, then it's the worst-timed typo in the history of Nokia.

Nokia Lumia 928

Even though there aren't any official specs to gloss over, it's pretty evident that Nokia is once again emphasizing camera performance, something it's done since it jumped feet first into Windows Phone territory. On the bottom-left of the photo it reads, "Capture the highlights," and if you study the picture, it's clear Nokia is pimping the device's ability to take pictures in low-light conditions.

Based on previous rumors, we expect the Lumia 928 to be a thinner and lighter device than its predecessor thanks to its aluminum unibody design. The model is specific to Verizon and is basically a customized version of the Lumia 925, otherwise known as Catwalk.