Nokia Tablet Outed By FCC Filing, Shipping Soon With LTE Onboard

Nokia may be under Microsoft's rule in the near future, but it'll be expanding its hardware reach at least once more before that deal is officially signed off on. According to a new FCC filing that surfaced over the weekend, Nokia has a tablet en route. The codenamed RX-114 is tucked away in a massive document, detailing all sorts of measurements and band testing.

The FCC filing, per usual, doesn't reveal much. That said, it does show that Verizon and AT&T LTE bands will be supported, and technically, T-Mobile will be included in some regard. It's also expected to launch with Windows RT -- an operating system that may already have one foot in the grave. Nokia is expected to officialy unveil the device on 10/22, and ship it in time for the holiday rush. Whether or not it'll be the device to truly make the masses pay attention to Windows on slates remains to be seen, but if the Lumia family is any indication, the hardware will likely be superb.