Nokia Readying Windows RT Tablet with Verizon in September

Nokia must really be in deep with Microsoft, because the company may be working on a Windows RT tablet that’s due to be announced in September. The device is rumored to bear the “Vanquish” moniker, and it will likely run a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. If a leaked photo is to be believed, the Nokia Windows RT tablet will be roughly 10 inches and run on Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

This all jibes with reports last year that Nokia was working on such a tablet and also that Windows RT tablets in general would be rocking the Qualcomm chip.

Nokia Windows RT tablet
Rumored Nokia Windows RT tablet (Image credit: Digi-Wo via The Verge)

Nokia has bet big on Microsoft already, and this venture is an even bigger, and arguably riskier bet, because although Windows Phone 8 was a huge leap of faith into the dark, Windows RT is very much a known entity--and that entity is not very popular.

If Windows 8 has been a disappointment, Windows RT has been a disaster. Setting aside any complaints about the dearth of apps and lack of legacy application support, many major manufacturers have balked at pursuing Windows RT tablets. ASUS is done with them, Samsung keeps cancelling Windows RT products, Acer is not particularly interested in making any, and Dell and even Microsoft itself have deeply slashed prices on their existing Windows RT devices.

If anyone can make a killer Windows RT tablet it’s Nokia--the company’s Windows Phones are generally quite nice--but the fundamental problem is the platform, not the hardware.