Nokia Partners With Monster For Bluetooth-Enabled Purity Pro Headset

Monster has made quite a name for itself in the consumer electronics world -- if you asked a pundit, they'd tell you that Monster has made a name for overcharging for typical cords and such. But it also doled out some pretty good gear, especially in the audio world. Now, Nokia is teaming up with a known name to release the Purity Pro Wireless headset. These are cordless cans, where music is transferred over via Bluetooth. They feature one-touch pairing with your smartphone through NFC, but standard Bluetooth pairing is available for those without an NFC-enabled device.

As with most Monster items, the color options here are quite vivid, with consumers able to select from red, yellow, white and black. They're noise-cancelling as well, and the Bluetooth module activates automatically when the headset is unfolded, and switches off again when you fold them up after use. The Purity Pro will ship in Q4 2012, but they won't be cheap -- at over $300, you better start saving now.