Nokia Ozo Virtual Reality Camera Ships In Q1 2016 With $60,000 Price Tag

Remember Nokia's fancy pants Ozo camera? It's billed as the first virtual reality camera system specifically designed for professional production, and today we learned it will have a price tag to match -- $60,000. Ah, but turn that frown upside down, you don't have to come up the full amount right off the bat.

It only requires a $5,000 deposit! All kidding aside, the price tag reflects the camera's target audience and intended purpose. This isn't a toy or even a high-tech device for hobbyists, but a serious tool for creating professional level content in the emerging VR field.

Nokia Ozo
Is it just us, or does Nokia's Ozo VR camera look like Q*bert?

To do that, the Ozo sports eight 2K by 2K video sensors, all of them synchronized. It's capable of capturing a full spherical 360 x 180 degrees of video, with each lens offering an angle of view of 195 degrees.

The Ozo also boasts eight integrated microphones to record spatial audio. Using integrated software, content creators can view their 3D content in real-time with a playback solution that negates the need to pre-assemble a panoramic image.

"No more complex multi-camera rigs: this is the first virtual reality device to capture 360-degree spherical video and 360x360 surround sound, with the elegant workflow professionals need," Nokia says.

If this is up your alley and you have the requisite pieces of eight to run with the big boys, you can place your pre-order now. Nokia expects to start shipping the Ozo in the first quarter of next year.