Nokia Intros PhotoBeamer App For Lumia 820 And 920

If you've had your eye on one of Nokia's newest Lumia phones, particularly the 820 or 920, here's something that'll make the photographers in the house feel extra loved. The company has just revealed its new PhotoBeamer app, described as a "magic picture show." This is what happens. You install the app and use it to look at pictures in your gallery. As soon as you open a picture, you’re told to go to in any web browser. From there, you'll point the phone camera at the QR code that appears on the website, tap it when it’s visible on the camera screen, and "then the magic happens." Your photos are automatically transmitted to the website and shown on the screen without another click.

Of course, such a sharing option isn't totally unique; Apple does something similar with Shared Photo Streams in iOS. The twist here is the QR code, and as soon as you’ve scanned it, the app starts sending your pictures, caching them for fast performance as you scroll back and forth through a set. Images are streamed progressively from the device to the target screen. Thanks to this optimisation of the data, PhotoBeamer can work even on a standard 3G connection, as well as 4G and WiFi.

If you're picking up an 820 or 920, give it a download and see how you like it.
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