Nokia Exec Says Instagram to Officially Come to Windows Phone Soon

If there's one thing Microsoft's Windows Phone platform desperately needs (other than a larger user base), it's more apps. We're not talking about fart apps and other filler type material, but at this point, it's even missing some of the more popular apps available on other platforms. One you can soon cross off the list, however, is Instagram.

Chris Weber, Nokia's executive vice president, reportedly confirmed that Instagram is headed to the Windows Phone Store during a recent trip to Thailand. He didn't say exactly when Instagram will be available to Windows Phone users, only that it's coming.

Lumia 1020

This will be a major addition for Microsoft. Instagram is hugely popular with over 130 million users snapping photos and then applying one of several available filters. It's also a natural fit for Windows Phone, and in particular Nokia devices that emphasize camera performance. For example, the Lumia 1020 we recently reviewed sports a 41-megapixel Full HD rear-facing camera with autofocus and Carl Zeiss lens (see what happens when the Lumia 1020 takes flight atop an AR.Drone Quadicopter).

According to Gartner, the Windows Phone platform holds a 3 percent share of the smartphone market, enough to claim third place ahead of BlackBerry. However, it's far behind iOS (14 percent) and Android (80 percent), which together account for than 9 out of 10 smartphones.