Nokia Employees Walk Out After Symbian Deemed Dead

If you read the news, you'll probably think that things are great at Nokia. The company recently decided to stray from Symbian in favor of using Windows Phone 7 on their smartphones, and it's a play that will almost definitely put Nokia back on the map in North America from a smartphone standpoint. But there is always two sides to every story. While people may be excited about Windows Phone 7, that also means that Nokia no longer needs the assets that surround Symbian. And assets means people.

The news has been crushing to Finland, Nokia's home. There are hundreds upon hundreds of employees that worked on Symbian day-in, and day-out. But now, they may be out of a job. And they know it. Reports are stemming from Nokia's Tampere plant that around 1,500 of the employees have just walked out on the job. That's powerful. The only problem is that it's not likely to prove a point. These jobs were probably going to be cut soon anyway, so this is just making things quicker and easier.

It's quite sad for those affected, there's no question about it, but Nokia has no choice but to take drastic measures if they ever hope to truly compete in this market. Something tells us these won't be the only cuts at Nokia. Ditching an entire software ecosystem is no small deal, and we haven't seen anything similar to this...maybe ever. Here's hoping for the best for those left at Nokia. It's going to be a wild, wild ride no matter what.