Nokia Design Chief Working on Tablet

Rumors of a Windows 8-based Nokia tablet have been circulating for a while now, fueled by the occasional quip by Nokia execs giving interviews. (It’s almost as if they’re doing so on purpose to keep us chattering about it. Consort!)

While there are still no details per se about alleged the tablet--not even a guarantee that it will run Windows 8, although that’s a foregone conclusion at this point--a product launch is widely expected before the end of the year.

Image credit: Tablet News

To add more fuel to the fire, Nokia design chief Marko Ahtisaari just told a Finnish magazine that he’s spending about a third of his time on a Nokia tablet, according to a Reuters report. More interestingly, Ahtisaari indicated that Nokia will be taking a different approach to competing with the iPad than others in the market.

One can’t help but wonder what that means, exactly. The “different approach” could be an innovative game-changer, but it’s probably more likely that Nokia is going to try and find a niche and a price point that lets it get a toehold in the market instead of competing directly with the slate (pun!) of solid competitors out there already.