Nokia Calls For End of Smartphone Wars with Humorous Lumia 920 Ad

You have to love a self-aware tech company. In the clash of the titans that is Android versus iOS (or is it Samsung, HTC, et. al. versus Apple?), Windows Phone and Nokia are the oft-forgotten platform and handset maker, respectively. While fully acknowledging its “third choice” status in the mobile market, Nokia sends up the Android/iOS rivalry in a hilarious YouTube commercial for the Nokia 920, which is a rather nice smartphone.

Some highlights from the clip that had us chuckling include the raising of smartphones by every member of the crowd, the jab at phablets, the use of Siri to insult a Samsung Galaxy user, and the 70s-quality martial arts, and the Apple fanboi tattoo.

However, our favorite bit of the commercial is the “Do Not Attempt” disclaimer on the bottom, which seems to recommend that instigating a violent mobile platform-based riot at a wedding is something that somebody out there might actually attempt. Actually, now that we think about it, the disclaimer should probably be there. You never know.