Nokia Brings Windows Phone To Lower-End Lumia 505 Smartphone

For a good while now, high-end Nokia smartphones have been planted in the Lumia line using Windows Phone, while lower-end Nokia phones were planted in the Asha line running an OS that hardly anyone in America could even pretend to care about. But now, it looks like Nokia's spreading its wings a bit. The company's newest Lumia just happens to be on the low-end side of the fence, bringing Windows Phone to an entirely new Nokia demographic. The Lumia 505 boasts a 3.7" (800x480) touch panel of the ClearBlack AMOLED variety, along with an 8MP rear camera, an 800MHz single-core CPU, 256MB of RAM and a 1300mAh battery.

There's also 4GB of internal storage as well as quad-band GSM support, but no pricing information has been leaked as of yet. It looks as if the phone will begin its life on foreign airwaves, perhaps first in Mexico, but a budget Windows Phone could be just what Microsoft needs to crack open another set of potential customers.