Nokia Announces White N9, MeeGo Software Update

The Windows Phone era may be in full swing over in the Nokia camp, but the N9 is what's today, and what's now. Even though MeeGo is a mobile OS with no real future, Nokia still has to support it. And that's why the N9, the company's current high-end flagship phone, is getting a new color and a software update, to boot. The new white N9 is stunning. It's clean and classy, and looks beautiful from every angle. It's a bit depressing that Nokia's pushing this on the backburner in favor of their Windows Phone offerings, but hopefully we'll see a Lumia 800 ship in white as well.

The white Nokia N9 sports a glossy finish, so it looks slightly different from its matte sisters in black, magenta and cyan. It will be available during the fourth quarter of 2011, starting with the 64GB version.

The other Nokia N9 news today is the software update, which people will be able to download during the fourth quarter of 2011. The update includes usability improvements, like music controls keys from the lock screen or closing apps by swiping them down by default and NFC tag reading is also added.